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1996 - 2009

The first edition of The Parish News was published in May 1996. The publication went from an A5 format for the first 6 issues to A4, all of course in single colour.

It was not until issue 25 in the Autumn of 2005 that colour made an appearance and then only a few pages. Issue 38 in the Winter of 2008 was the first to appear in full colour. Number 39 was the last ‘Parish News’, the name changing to ‘Community News’ in Summer 2009 with issue 40.

We are indebted to Mr David White of Shenley Brook End, a past Clerk  to the Council, for  the loan of  originals of  early  editions of Parish News up to issue 19 from which we have been able to complete our digitised archive.

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No1 May 1996

No2 November 1996

No3 May 1997

No4 November 1997

No5 August 1998

No6 March 1999

No7 November 1999

No8 February 2001

No9 May 2001

No10 Autumn 2001

No11 Spring 2002

No12 Summer 2002

No13 Autumn 2002

No14 Winter 2002

No15 Spring 2003

No16 Summer 2003

No17 Autumn 2003

No18 Winter 2003

No19 Spring 2004

No20 Summer 2004

No21 Autumn 2004

No22 Winter 2004

No23 Spring 2005

No24 Summer 2005

No25 Autumn 2005

No26 Winter 2005

No27 Spring 2006

No28 Summer 2006

No29 Autumn 2006

No30 Winter 2006

No31 Spring 2007

No32 Summer 2007

No33 Autumn 2007

No34 Winter 2007

No35 Spring 2008

No36 Summer 2008

No37 Autumn 2008

No38 Winter 2008

No39 Spring 2009

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