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Digging for victory

Many of you around Shenley Lodge have been able to see the ongoing improvement of the area around the ponds, and the ponds themselves, on Paxton Crescent, next to the Old Beams Pub.

Hopefully you have already seen photos and write-ups of previous events in the community magazine – including previous pond restoration.

With the outstanding help from local residents and councillors, we continue to take major steps towards restoring the ponds to health.

On this occasion, we have unfortunately had to remove dead, dying and diseased trees. However, this sad news has led to some good: enabling us to plant 10 new pear trees (Pyrus communis), which will grow lovely pears for many years to come.

It was a great turnout, and nearly everyone enjoyed getting muddy!

With luck, by late summer, the pears will grow smooth, firm and juicy so we can hold a community pear-picking day – maybe even make some perry (an alcoholic pear beverage!)

Naturally, there are many people to thank for their part in this ambitious project:

  • Mrs Livingstone: joined in with cakes and pastries to help keep us energised – it’s not all about getting muddy to help with community days!
  • Milton Keynes City Council: kindly donated the trees planted as part of the relationship to help improve our environment.
  • Wayne Palmer, the Parish Council’s Environmental Services Manager: pioneering this aspiring project and bringing together Milton Keynes City Council (MKCC), the Newt Conservation Partnership, parish and ward councillors and local residents to persevere with this transformation.


A lasting legacy

This tree planting project was a continuation of our commitment to The Queen’s Green Canopy Project, where all across the United Kingdom people were invited to plant trees to honour Her Majesty, with this unique planting project continuing to March 2023 – in memoriam and giving everyone the opportunity to be part of this special legacy.

It also continues the work which started in 2021 to honour the late David Livingstone, former Chair of the Parish Council, for whom the ponds were a favourite spot.

All in all, we are committed to continue undertaking community events across the Parish with this same level of enthusiasm. We would also now like to engage in expansion of the group and getting on a good footing to operate an ongoing long-term basis.

Please keep an eye on the parish website and socials for future events or look out for posters/leaflets posted around your area. We also have a register to enrol your details to be contacted about events you are interested in. We are proud of all work accomplished so far and would love for you to be a part of it.

Click to find out more about the Newt Conservation Partnership and Milton Keynes City Council’s environmental programmes.

By Borte Jones

A wonderful tribute to Her Majesty, and a tremendous show of community spirit

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