Who are we?

The Parish Council is the most local level of government, serving Emerson Valley, Furzton, Kingsmead, Shenley Brook End, Shenley Lodge, Tattenhoe, Tattenhoe Park and Westcroft.

We manage and maintain a number of community buildings and allotments, we run and fund a number of social clubs, sports and fitness activities and children’s events, and we manage a large portion of the local green spaces, public parks and play areas.

Most of these services are delivered directly by parish officers and volunteers, with collaboration and oversight from 15 elected parish councillors.  Most of our officers and councillors live within the parish area, and so we have a vested interest in the safety, wellbeing and prosperity of local residents and are always ready to offer our support.

We are deeply proud of the area we look after, and of the people who live here.  We seek opportunities to work with residents, such as inviting volunteers for litter-picks, tree-planting and painting of urban furniture and other equipment.  We welcome public engagement at our committee meetings and we share the achievements of local residents and charities in our regular parish newsletter and social media, and we invite local businesses to hold stalls at our annual public events.

How can we do all this?  The main source of funding for parish councils is by way of a precept – an apportionment of your Milton Keynes Council Tax.  Alongside this, we receive revenue from the hire of community buildings and sports pitches, and we are able to take advantage of certain grant funding.  We believe that the work we do provides good value for money for the residents we serve.

Above all, we consider it our duty and our privilege to work hard to provide the best service we can to the people of this parish, and each of our councillors and officers are dedicated to that goal.

Welcome to your Parish Council.  How can we help?

The Council and its Committees

The Parish Council has nominated a number of committees to take responsibility for specific aspects of council business, with the Full Parish Council meeting once per month.

Agendas for the Full Council its Committee meetings are posted on 11 noticeboards around the parish, and on the Parish Council website, three clear working days before the relevant meeting (click here for our 2023/24 meeting calendar).  The minutes of each meeting are also published on the parish website, usually within a week of the meeting taking place.

Meetings of the Full Parish Council and the committees listed below are open to the public, and a portion of each meeting is set aside for members of the public to raise any issues they may like the Parish Council to consider or be made aware of.

Full Parish Council

The Full Council has oversight of the work of the other committees and ratifies all financial decisions and major executive decisions.  Councillors have the opportunity to raise and discuss any issues pertaining to the council or the parish as a whole, particularly those which cannot be resolved by the nominated committees, or where the views of the all council members have been sought.

The Full Parish Council generally meets on the final Monday of each month.


This is the lead committee in progressing community initiatives, working in partnership with other groups and organisations inside and outside the Parish.  The committee also facilitates the development of Community Engagement services run by the Parish Council, including the regular social clubs and annual public events.

This committee considers and decides on all grant applications received by the Council, in accordance with the Council’s grant policy.

The Community Committee currently meets four times per year.

Environment & Operational

This committee deals with issues relating to the general environment within the parish, including tackling issues such as dog fouling and litter.  The committee also oversees the landscaping, play areas and allotments within the parish.

The Environment & Operational Committee currently meets four times per year.


This committee examines, improvement and alteration proposals relating to parish council buildings, including maintenance and utilities contracts, along with income & expenditure reports.  This covers the Parish Office and our eight community buildings.  The committee works in partnership with the Five Trees Community Trust, on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Facilities Committee currently meets four times per year.


This committee issues comments and reports to Milton Keynes City Council on behalf of the Parish Council regarding planning applications, and other development issues, received throughout the month.  The committee further comments on issues related to highways and transport, both public and private.

The Planning Committee generally meets on the penultimate Monday of every month.

Policy & Finance

This committee deals with the internal policies of the Parish Council and with financial issues including our budget and business plan.

The Policy & Finance Committee currently meets four times per year.