Meet your Parish Council

We have 15 Parish Councillors currently representing eight grid squares, In addition to main Parish Council there are two committees which report to the full Council.

Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe Parish Councillors

The full Council has oversight of the work of the other committees and ratifies all financial decisions and major executive decisions. It also considers any issue referred by a committee or on which views of the whole council are required.

Chris Williams

Chairman Parish Council. Committees - Planning, Community

Roy Vermon

Vice-Chairman Parish Council. Committees - Policy & Finance, Chairman Strategy, Environment & Operational

David Edmonds

Committees - Chairman Environment & Operational, Facilities

John Coughtrey

Committees - Facilities, Policy & Finance

Michael Cato

Committees - Chairman Planning, Environment & Operational, Chairman Facilities, Vice-Chair Strategy

Manish Verma

Committees - Chairman Policy & Finance, Vice-Chair Facilities, Planning, Strategy

James Lancaster

Committees - Facilities, Community, Strategy

Kevin Clay

Committees - Planning, Community, Environment & Operational, Facilities

David Morgan

Committees - Vice-Chair Planning, Vice Chair Policy & Finance

Brian Starck

Committees - Planning, Environment & Operational

Charlie Osler

Committees - Environment & Operational

Mike Kasibo

Committees - Planning, Strategy, Community, Policy & Finance

Saleena Raja

Committees - Vice Chair Community, Vice Chair Environment & Operational

Mike Dynes

Committees - Chairman Community, Policy & Finance

Kobi Baffour

Sharon Kerr

Parish Manager

Ray Godwin

Community & Environment Officer

Karen Wheeler

Community Engagement Officer

Lee Kay

Finance & Administration Officer

Rebecca Zimmerman

Facilities & Administration Officer

Local Youth Worker

Karl Digby

Youth Worker

Dante Burke

Youth Worker

Local Landscape Officers


Allotment & Play Area Officer


Environmental Services Officer


Environmental Services Officer


Environmental Apprentice Officer


Environmental Services Officer

Wayne Palmer

Environmental Services Manager


Environmental Services Officer