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Goodbye to an old friend, hello to seven new ones…

In the Summer 2021 edition of Community News, we announced with great sadness that we will need to remove the tilia tree from the seating area of Shenley Brook End Recreation Ground (aka Garthwaite Local Park).

We are delighted to bring you news of a silver lining involving you – yes, you – the community.

After we have removed the tilia, we invite you to help us plant a circle of seven new trees around the bench – each tree representing a decade in the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As well as honouring our longest-reigning monarch as part of the nationwide Queen’s Green Canopy programme, these seven new trees will help maintain the beautiful greenery of the park.  It is also another step in the continued drive toward global sustainability and the health of the planet.

The removal of the tilia is imminent, and the new trees have already been kindly pledged by Project Manager Phil Snell at Milton Keynes Council so we expect the new planting to start soon.

This planting, and the park’s recent Green Flag success, are reflections of the excellent partnership between the Parish Council and MKC.  Both councils are invested in continuing to improve SBE Rec Ground and other open spaces across the parish.

Click here to volunteer to help us plant these seven new trees.

Sick tilia tree surrounded by bench

The tilia, or lime tree, was found to be sick last year

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