We are constantly reviewing the needs of the Parish and its Residents and it is important that we also include the views and opinions of our Residents in these reviews.

We are currently reviewing what resources we provide, and how we maintain our Park and Green Open Spaces and we would, in particular, like to know how you the residents Use Garthwaite Park.

We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the following survey for us before 3oth April 2021. We will publish an analysis of the results once the survey has closed.

Garthwaite Local Park

How do You use the Park
Please tell us a little about you use the Park and Open Green Space
Q1 - How often do you visit the Park?*
Q2 - Why do you visit the Park or Open Green Space?
(please tick up to five main reasons for normally visiting the Park or Open Green Space).*
Access and Ease of Use
Please let us know how easy you Find the Park and Open Green Space to get to
Q3 -How easy is it for you to access and get around the park or open space?*
Q4 - How do you travel to your park or open space?*
The Facilities
Please let us know what you think about the facilities available in the Park and Open Green Space
Q5 - Are the Park and Open Green Space & its amenities clean and well maintained?*
Q6 - If you answered 'Could be Improved' to Q5, what do you think we could do better
Q7 - Are you happy with the range of facilities in the Park and Open Green Space?*
Q8 - If you answered 'No' or 'Could be Improved' to Q7, what other facilities would you like to see in the Park and Open Green Space?
Satisfaction Levels
Q9 - Overall how satisfied are you with the Park and Open Green Space?*
How Could we Improve Things
What are your thoughts on how we could improve the Park and Open Green Space?
Q10 - If you could improve just one thing in the Park and Open Green Space, what might it be?*
Q11 -Do you have any further comments or suggestions for your Park and Open Green Space?
About Yourself
Just a couple of questions about yourself
Q12 - What is your age range?*
Q13 - How fit do you consider yourself to be*
Q14 - Which Milton Keynes Estate do you live on*
And Finally
We would like to support and encourage "Friends of" groups for our parks and open spaces. A
"friends of" group is a collection of people who voluntarily help to look after the park or open
space. These groups are involved in the upkeep and development, as well as organising
events and educational use of the site. Anyone is welcome to join, and we are particularly keen
to see a wide representation from a range of interest groups.
Q15 - Would you be interested in joining or learning more about your local "Friends of"*
Q16 - If you answered 'Yes' to Q15 please enter your contact details here
Your Address